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Ceol Cholasa 2019

September 19, 2019


Back to reality, back to normality, back to work, but it’s not normality as I am still riding the buzz of yet another superb week at Ceol Cholasa. I can’t stop smiling, I can still hear the music and I can sure as hell still taste the Port Charlotte malt!

There are so many memories – from the excellent performance by the school pupils at Failte, to Liam and Caitlin’s epic tune sets there (and at The Machrins McNeill’s gig and everywhere else), Sarah from Flook performing some seriously complicated flute work while standing stock still on one leg, Assynt and Imar pumping out the tunes, Edwina Hayes being simply lovely, Sian and their gorgeous harmonies, The Poozies being amazing and Adam Holmes and The Embers being awesome. Yet, despite all that, the one truly spine-tingling moment came from Pedie’s rendition of Fathers and Sons. It was special.

None of this would have been half so much fun without the punters. All those people who were once strangers arriving off the boat and are now life-long friends. I lost count of the number of times my beard was pulled or stroked or commented on (yes Les Blair, I mean you!) and some of the craic in the pub was outrageously funny.

As usual, Gavin kept us going with his endless supply of pies, rolls and burgers. Chris, Sheena and Holly kept the beer flowing at the hall and Jack, Ruby, Emily and all the hotel staff were on top form to keep things bouncing along at the Festival Club.

Now it is all a memory, the beard has been severely trimmed and I am back at work but boy was it worth it!

It was epic, it was great fun and I really think we should do it all again next year. See you all there!


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